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The Bryra Approach

We believe that every dancer is on a personal and unique journey in their relationship and that each individual experience should be honored and facilitated exclusively through instruction that meets dancers where they are in their learning. After lifetimes spent in class structures that prioritize levels through numbers and letters, we wanted to abandon this standard to horizontalize the training model by offering skill-based classes that focus on individualized needs and student success. Our lesson plans are thoughtfully and purposefully crafted to support a specific set of learning objectives that correlate to each class. This allows us to support dancers in the manner that will most effectively solidify technique, healthy training practices, and engage minds and bodies as individuals and in class communities. 

With consideration to our specialized approach to dance education, if you are interested in ballet but unsure which class is right for you,

simply reach out to us at to discuss the color enrollment plan

that will best serve you or your dancer in their study.

Facilitating the personal journey is our top priority, and we look forward to learning more about how we can support yours.

Ballet Plum

This class was created for the dancer interested in exploring ballet by building a solid and knowledgeable foundation with attention to positions of the arms and feet, proper alignment, and specificity of lines and shapes. Ballet terminology is introduced, explored, and expanded upon at the barre and in a brief center through repetition, short exercises and combinations, and movement play.

Ballet Sage

This class is designed for the focused ballet student interested in refining positions of the arms, feet, and body. Together we will focus on healthy alignment, strengthening, conditioning and preparing for complex and intricate material through extended barre-work and playful arrangements of movement.

Ballet Blush

This class is excellent for the dancer seeking to build their ballet knowledge through complex barre exercises, integration of the whole self (mind and body), and challenging combinations through an artistic, playful and focused approach to classical ballet technique. Together we will refine dynamic alignment, build flexibility and stamina, and connect together through our shared love of technique. Students in this class will have the unique opportunity to study with different teachers who each approach ballet technique through somatically sound principles of healthy movement practices from different lenses such as The Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, Progressing Ballet Technique, and Pilates. 

OPEN Level Ballet

Students in this class will have the opportunity to warm-up through a basic barre with sensitivity to in-home spaces. Dancers will explore proper alignment, improve balance and coordination and safely condition the body for core strength, flexibility and posture through the language of classical ballet. This is an excellent class for any dancer seeking to learn ballet technique for the first time, or, wishing to brush up on previously learned skills. Class material will be taught at an introductory level and welcomes students of all ages.

Classical Variations

This class will focus on artistry and learning choreography.Playing a role in live stage performance is about the details. We will explore the personalities of characters in ballets and how our eyes, head, fingers and rhythm of movement can completely transform dancers into their characters.


In this class students will focus on their use of breath, spinal articulation, core conditioning, cross training turn-out rotators, and taking weight with different parts of the body as we play with a varying series of exercises and cultivate a special relationship to the floor. As a culminating practice we will work on developing a combination over the course of our four weeks together that explores our newfound relationship to the floor with dynamic directional changes and inversions that are sure to engage the mind and body. Each class will conclude with a brief cool down and/or mindful centering exercises to create a space for connectedness to the self and others.

Creative Workshop

April 7th with Bryanna Cross: Dancers will explore contemporary vernacular and improvisation together in this fun mash-up.

April 14th with Allysen Olsen: Dancers will catch some 90's fever in this fun contemporary jazz class that begins with an inclusive warm-up (get ready for some old school isolations!) and concludes with a combination to a song that's sure to spread smiles.

April 21st with Aleks Day: Dancers will explore musical theatre jazz in this classical technique class beginning with a warm-up and concluding with a combination that will make you feel like you're on Broadway!

April 28th with Rachel Dodson: Dancers will have the unique opportunity to create a Zoom dance for camera in the spaces and costumes of choice! There will be an introduction to basic elements of choreography, private work time in individual Zoom rooms (with instructor support), and conclude with a shared performance in our main virtual classroom.


This class is required to participate in the virtual performance.

Over the course of our 12 week semester students in this class will have the opportunity to benefit from time devoted to rehearsing, learning various components of stage make-up (such a s a dramatic eye and contouring), how to set your performance hair, costume design and development, lighting for a specific mood, filming, acting, performance and pointe shoe hacks.


In this class students will explore the strength building method of Pilates which uses mind-body concentration to enhance skills such as postural alignment, balance, stamina, and breath. Together we will focus on honing our practice by improving spinal mobility and stability to create a unified support system from head to toe. This class in an excellent choice for students of any level interested in exploring Pilates methodology and building strength through a positive, embodied practice.

Pointe Strength

Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while building strength to improve and diversify pointe work. Each class focus on barre exercises for safety in practice. Exercises will focus on strengthening the feet and ankles to support dancer development en pointe.

Pre Pointe

This class is designed specially for students with previous ballet training who seek to progress to pointe work in their dance future. Dancers will utilize previously learned ballet technique to build strength and stability in preparation for dancing en pointe. Students will learn proper pointe alignment, articulation, weight distribution, balance, toe care, and other pertinent details to support their study. This class is barre-focused.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that dancers attending the PrePointe class also enroll in the OPEN-Level Ballet class on Fridays from 2pm-3pm to ensure that the body is properly warmed up and prepared for the conditioning of the PrePointe class.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

PBT trains the body through muscle memory and enhances flexibility while using dance medicine and exercises to prevent injury. PBT has a gradual approach with very specific exercises and repetitions applicable to every level--beginning, intermediate and advanced. Based in dance medicine and how the body works, this program helps dancers to understand which muscle groups take part in each movement. Within this innovative practice students utilize an exercise ball, fit ball, and theraband to experience activation and strengthening of otherwise challenging to access recesses in the body with a direct influence on balance and alignment. This class is an excellent fit for dancers and athletes at any level to support safety in training, conditioning, or rehabilitation from injury. Equipment is required.

PLEASE NOTE: PBT is a multi-tiered program and should be studied progressively for safety. If you are a first time PBT enrollee--WELCOME! You will want to plan to attend the Sub-Junior class on Monday's from 2pm3-pm. If you have been training in PBT previously, email us at to determine whether the Junior or Senior Program will be the right fit for you!

Restorative Yoga

Dive deeper into self with a meditative yoga practice. Teaching body function through yoga poses and the benefits of intentional breath. Principles of a yoga practice include: truthfulness, wisdom, simplicity and contentment. These vital life tools and learning to balance the autonomic nervous system brings cohesion and peace to our busy lives.

Special Workshop

This class functions as an a ongoing workshop with new and different programs each week. We are honored and excited to introduce you to brilliant and talented guest artists/teachers from around the country. The topic calendar will be updated and advertised in advanced. This class can be on your 4 week April schedule or just hop into workshops that most interest you. Experiencing new things stimulates creativity in your brain so let’s go on an adventure to learn something we didn’t know about!

Stretch & Strength

Set time aside dedicated to stretching your muscles! As many classes tend to focus on the workout and neglect the recovery, in this class students will benefit from strength conditioning committed to improving balance and ease of movement followed by focused stretching sequences to support wellness. Instruction is informed by healthy practices in dance training and somatic wellness.

Questions? Contact us at or Complete the Contact Form

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