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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a registration fee in addition to the virtual punch pass cost?

There are no additional fees to the virtual punch pass purchase unless you would like to take advantage of the Online Library Access add on feature. Both options are detailed on the enrollment page here. We wanted to create an a la carte class menu for dancers that allows for freedom to take the classes they desire as many times as they would like without any hidden costs--we hope you enjoy!

Can my Virtual Punch Pass be used for multiple family members or do I need to purchase one for each attending student individually?

Virtual Punch Passes can absolutely be used for multiple attending family members! And it is a great way to reap the maximum benefit for your tuition investment.  

Do you offer free trial classes?

At this time we are not equipped to offer free trial classes, but if you have questions about which classes might be the best fit for you of your dancer, please contact us at and one of our qualified instructors will reach out to support you with a recommended enrollment plan.

How long is my Online Library Access valid?

April is the actually the BEST time to sign up for Online Library Access because for our first time subscribers only we are offering Online Library Access at the current "Add On" cost for 2 whole months! This means you will have access to all of our content and multiple classes for an awesome 8 weeks to fill with dance and conditioning. In the future our subscription options will change, but for now we wanted to make our content as available and accessible to all interested movers as possible. Please enjoy!

I would like to register but don't see a punch pass option that fits my needs--what should I do?

Please be in touch! Accessibility is one of our major priorities and we want to ensure any interested dancer has a way. We are committed to working with individualized needs. If you are interested in a punch pass plan we do not list, no worries! Just send us an email at and we would be happy to tailor something to your specific needs.

When will links to classes be sent?

Each week will offer a new set of framework to approach classes through, and no later than each Sunday you will receive a link to the pre-class discussions to help guide you.

Zoom links to all the upcoming week's classes will also be sent on Sundays along with the preparatory discussion(s). To ensure that you make it onto a class roster to receive Zoom session links in time, you should plan to enroll by Friday of the previous week. You may enroll up to 48 hours before the class session, however, please be advised that this will offer you less time with the preparatory discussion(s).  

I would like to take PBT but don't have an exercise ball or fit ball--what should I do?

Excellent question! You have a couple options of how you might approach this. Equipment is still available for purchase and no-contact free delivery with the instructor, Rachel Dodson, if you live in the Moscow or Pullman areas. Just contact us at to make arrangements. If no-contact delivery is not an option due to your location, you are able to purchase either on Amazon--UrbanFIT is one of many available brands that produce this equipment Exercise Ball and 9" Fit Ball

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