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Community, Quality & Consistency

Moscow Movement Arts Center
Dance, Movement & Somatic Wellness on the Palouse

After working with Rachel, my daughter has felt more confident in her skills and movements.

Rachel is such a treasure and so easy to work with, wish we met her sooner!

Daniel C. - Moscow, ID

I love PBT! Training your muscles in a way that applies so specifically to dance has been such an eye opening experience for me. The way Rachel cares for her students and creates and environment of trust and cooperation is everything and instructor should be. When she uses her talents to teach and PBT--the muscle memory comes and progress is natural. I have seen this happen in my own dance and also in my young daughter

Melissa G. - Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre, Moscow ID

Rachel's PBT classes are an excellent addition to my ballet classes. With the PBT exercises, I have experienced greater awareness in my body alignment and pathways of movement. PBT exercises also allow me to strengthen certain muscles, including turnout. Rachel is patient and nurturing yet she challenges me. WIth Rachel's guidance, I feel safe to explore the edges of my body's ability

Anna C. - Grover Beach, CA

Rachel's PBT classes really helped me better understand how to properly engage my muscles during ballet class. This new information changed the way I prepare for and take class in a way that better suits MY body, and because of this, I have both seen and felt great improvement in my personal practice! Not only has the strength I've gained from PBT helped in my ballet classes, but also with contemporary, modern, and jazz! Rachel's clear instruction, individual and group feedback was game changing

Taylor E. - Bachelor of Science Dance, UT

I have trained in dance for 18 years now and participating in PBT with Rachel was revolutionary when I was at a point I felt myself at a plateau in my technique while also fighting off chronic injuries. With an intense workload of 10-13 hours of training a day, 4-5 days a week, PBT was part of what helped me navigate my injuries and actually progress in my training. I felt a huge connection between my Pilates and PBT training. The engagement, length, and space I am able to create in my body has been so expansive with this work. There were times when I would have to sit out due to a severe pelvic injury, but PBT was there as another option to stay safe while strengthening. This allowed me to rehabilitate and bounce back faster than you would imagine. I would encourage any dancer to stop simply "spot treating" your technique and experience the full body engagement of PBT work

Allysen O. - Bachelor of Science Dance, NV

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