Rachel Dodson

Dance Artist, Educator, Choreographer, and Performer

About the Online Library

The Online Library is the digital archive of our classes and special topics videos hosted by Bryra Movement Collective.  

Each class session is recorded via Zoom and then later edited along with the introductory video (offered prior to class) that details the class objectives.  A singular file is then produced and uploaded into our Online Library so that students who purchase access as an "Add On" feature to their Virtual Punch Pass can go back an retake class at any point in time.  This unique feature of our online programming extends the opportunity for students to reap maximized class benefit by attending class as many times as desired instead of a one-time attendance.

Another exciting feature of the Online Library are our special topics videos.  Special topics videos range from tips on foot care; targeted strengthening exercises; specific stretching regimes; tips on nutrition and hydration for the training body; rest, recovery and self care; and much more.
The Online Library is the only location these valuable special topic videos will be offered making this "Add On" feature a truly special bonus to your learning experience.