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PRIVATElessons offer a more personalized experience, strengthening exercises, and goal setting. Each lesson runs for 1 hour, and can be booked individually or in a package for increased savings. Step on the fast track in your training, and book today!

Looking for tips on eating healthy while keeping your energy up? Book a one on one appointment to receive nutritional advice catered to the active dancer, a review of your personal diet with tips on adjustments that can be made easily to already existent habits to increase the longevity of nutritional success. 

And never forget, we are all unique and beautiful, these counseling sessions are designed to improve upon your specific condition, and geared towards positive long-term nutritional habit forming. Eating the right things in the proper amounts at specific times in the day is vital towards maintaining optimal physical condition and the high energy levels necessary.

Learn more and have a plan designed to suit your body type, your physical demands, and what's typically in your kitchen!

Posted 11/23/2011

NEW! Nutrition for Dancers Counseling

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